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Aarunya Nature Resort & SPA – luxury private pool villas in Sri Lanka


In the central hills of Sri Lanka on the outskirts of Kandy City you can find the award winning collection of luxury private pool villas called Aarunya Nature Resort & SPA. Aarunya, meaning ‘first rays of the sun’ in the ancient language of Sanskrit is a beautiful nature & spa resort overlooking the Knuckles Mountain Range, a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site. It offers tranquility and peacefulness of the jungle while being literally on the doorstep of the Historical Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka. Kandy, Sigiriya, Dambulla, Polonnaruwa and many other destinations can be explored from Aarunya Nature Resort & SPA easily as a day trip.

​The concept of the luxury estate perched atop a nine-acre estate adorned with spice & tea gardens is perfectly designed for you to relax and channel energy for your mind, body and spirit in the beautiful natural and pristine environment. With the truly bespoke hospitality experience that surpasses the expectations of the most discerning traveler, it’s a retreat like no other!


Indulge in unparalleled comfort and immerse yourself in the serenity of nature with Aarunya’s exquisite private villas, where luxury meets the lush embrace of the surrounding landscape. The estate features 8 villas. 1x Superior Villa, 3x Premium Villas, 2x Sky Suites consisting of 1x Sky Tented Villa & 1x Sky Habitat Villa each.


The Superior and Premium Villas embody the essence of contemporary Sri Lankan luxury resort living. Thoughtfully placed within the expansive 9-acre estate gardens, these accommodations are designed to offer unforgettable mountain panoramas while ensuring utmost privacy for guests.

The Superior Villa presents a generous 60sqm (646sqft) of private luxury living, showcasing an outdoor jacuzzi, an exclusive garden and awe-inspiring mountain vistas.

The Premium Villa offers an exquisite experience with spacious 60sqm (646sqft) private luxury accommodations, strategically situated on individual mountain ridges to provide breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Premium villa is enhanced with an outdoor jacuzzi pavilion and a refreshing plunge pool for an added touch of luxury.

Floating breakfast at the Premium Villa


Indulge in the unparalleled privacy and comfort of a Sky Suite, comprising the Sky Habitat Villa (Level 1 = 61sqm/657sqft) and the Sky Tented Villa (Level 2 = 79sqm/850sqft). Both levels boast private outdoor bathtubs and plunge pools, offering a lavish retreat.

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary luxury of the Sky Suite, providing an elevated living experience amidst nature’s beauty, complemented by breathtaking mountain views.

The Sky Habitat, located on Level 1 of the Sky Suite and covering 61sqm (657sqft), is a modern private villa that includes a private outdoor bathtub and plunge pool. This villa offers a unique luxury living experience close to nature, accentuated by stunning mountain views.

The Sky Tented Villa, situated on Level 2 of the Sky Suite and spanning 79sqm (850sqft), offers a contemporary luxurious glamping adventure. This unique experience includes a private outdoor bathtub and plunge pool, providing a distinctive elevated connection with nature while enjoying breathtaking mountain views.


Aarunya Nature Resort & SPA has some outstanding facilities and an endless list of activities you can do during your time spent at the resort. There is truly something for everyone!

Relax at the beautiful infinity swimming pool while you admire the stunning view of the Knuckles Mountains, give a read to some of the interesting books in the library, get the complimentary bicycle and go biking around the peaceful surroundings,

pamper yourself, unwind and relax your mind and body at the Aarogya Luxury Spa and Wellness Centre offering Ayurvedic & International therapeutic rituals, go on a nature walk with one of the naturalists who will teach you everything about the nature, embark on wonderful excursions to the Historical Cultural Triangle, Sigiriya Lion Rock, and the cool climes of the Knuckles Mountains,

have a delicious afternoon tea, take a part in a yoga class, step into nature and experience the very heartbeat of Sri Lanka with guided mountain trekking, off the beaten path waterfalls, and cloud forests, discover the art of crafting aromatic spices, blending coconut goodness, and creating mouthwatering curries that are the hallmark of Sri Lankan cuisine at an exclusive Sri Lankan Cuisine Cooking Class or indulge in extraordinary dining experiences.


Aarunya offers a truly spectacular dining experiences and it’s known for its wonderful gourmet International & Sri Lankan Cuisine with Contemporary Culinary Experiences. Healthy, fine dining options with the best local produce catering to international tastes, inspired by the uniqueness and diversity of Sri Lankan cuisine. 

There are two different restaurants at Aarunya. The Verandah, which is located in the Central Bungalow overlooking the main pool and serves International Cuisine with Sri Lankan influences and Aahaara Destination Dining Restaurant located in an authentic setting, offering a unique take on true Sri Lankan cuisine. Curated dinner that varies on a nightly basis from a Rice & Curry feast consisting of over 12 curries & vegetables, to a 9 course contemporary dinner & a meat & seafood spread guaranteed to inspire your taste buds.

For all the tea lovers, you can enjoy the High Altitude Tea at Aahaasa Tea Pavilion located in the tea estate with a decadent Afternoon Tea Menu including sweet and savoury treats paired to their own hand picked 100% Ceylon Teas.

Cooking Class at Aarunya

Elevate your stay at Aarunya Nature Resort & Spa with an exclusive Sri Lankan Cuisine Cooking Class. Nestled within the lush embrace of the verdant haven, this hands-on culinary experience is designed for guests seeking to immerse themselves in the rich flavors of Sri Lankan gastronomy.

​Discover the art of crafting aromatic spices, blending coconut goodness, and creating mouthwatering curries that are the hallmark of Sri Lankan cuisine. This intimate cooking class offers a unique opportunity to not only savor these flavors but to learn the techniques firsthand.


Aarunya Nature Resort & SPA is perfect for every kind of traveller. Whether you want to unwind and relax in beautiful nature surroundings or have adventurous holidays with trekking, waterfall chasing, learning about new cultures and exploring Sri Lanka, Aarunya Nature Resort & SPA is perfectly equipped for both! They go a mile beyond your expectations and make sure that you have a wonderful time throughout your stay!

Unique, minimalist luxury resort concept and the environment is also ideal for special occasions like intimate destination weddings, engagement parties, proposals, anniversaries, honeymoons, renewal of vows or corporate events/retreats.​

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We hope this blog post was helpful to you and you are gonna have a great time while staying at Aarunya Nature Resort & SPA. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below or contact us via email or even better via Instagram @borntotraveldiaries. Thank you for your time and stay tuned for our next diary page 🙂

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