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First of all we would like to thank you for purchasing our presets! We would like to add few words that will help you understand editing with the presets better. There are 21 presets and all of them are different. They are all designed for different kinds of pictures. We tried to name them in a useful way, so you understand on which kind of pictures they are gonna work the best. For example “In the dark/shadow/sunset” line of presets work the best on the pictures that are shot in bad lightening conditions. You can obviously use this line for daylight pictures too, but you will have to make a few adjustment such as bringing the highlights down not to make it look overexposed. If some exact colour (for example blue) looks overexposed but the rest is good, just bring the luminance of that exact colour down. If the black colours are overexposed just bring the highlights (ombre) down. Now we can start with the installation.

After your payment has been processed…

18. Presets are located on the bottom line of Lightroom. Click on the presets, choose the album and there are all your presets 🙂 HAPPY EDITING!

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