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Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Sony A7 mark III

We purchased this amazing full frame camera this year and we can’t be happier with it. It’s great for both pictures and videos, which makes it a perfect all-rounder. As a mirrorless camera, it’s lighter and more compact than a DSLR cameras and that’s perfect for travellers like us. More than 24 Megapixels, long battery life, 93% autofocus coverage, in-body stabilisation and a dual SD memory card slots are some of the key features.

Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8

This wide lens allows us to get everything in the frame without having to compromise or cut something out. It is especially useful when we shoot content for hotels and we have to fit the entire room in the shot and it is perfect for landscape photography and for vlogging. When you are sightseeing you can shoot tall buildings and the whole skyline of a city.

Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8

This amazing versatile standard-zoom lens is tailor-made for Sony’s mirrorless full-frame bodies and that makes it a perfect substitution of a Sony lens for a half price. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on buying a lot of different lenses, this one should be perfect for you. It is wide enough for the landscape photography (or even for vlogging) but it also has a large zoom range which makes it universal and can be used for different photo styles. It has an amazing aperture of f/2.8 which creates that nice bokeh and makes the image extra sharp. 

Tamron 70-300 f/4.5-6.3

We bought this lens when we went on a Safari. We were not sure at first because of the higher f/ number, but we also did not want to spend double or more the price for lenses from other brands. In the end we were happily surprised and amazed by the results. We got great wildlife shots and this aperture still creates a very nice effect. It is not a lens that we use very often, but in some occasions it can achieve incredible results and get shots possible only with this zoom. For example you can bring the background vey close to the subject and get landscape shots even when very far.

Manfrotto Befree Advanced 

This is the perfect tripod for people that are always “on the road” like us. It weights only 1.49 kg, it  extends up to 1.50 m at full height and it’s only 40 cm when closed up, so it fits comfortably in the backpack. The legs can be adjusted on three different levels and it has a ball head that rotates so you can find the perfect angle for your shot. It is not the cheapest tripod on the market but it sure guarantees safety and stability to your camera.

Dji Mavic Mini

This super small size drone, with very intuitive commands and easy to use app to control it, makes it perfect for beginners. It has a very good 2.7k camera with a lot of smart features. The weight of only 249g allows you to avoid a lot of restrictions such as flying licence, drone registration etc. It has an impressive battery life of 30 min and also a “return to home” function.

GoPro HERO 11 Black Creator Edition

An action camera is a must if you want to shoot underwater or when recording video while doing some sports, but it especially comes in handy when you are in situations when you don’t want to risk using your camera that can easily get damaged. So it’s a perfect way not to lose the opportunity to get those shots without being worried. We use this camera for vlogging as in this special edition it comes with a media mod with microphone, light and Volta hand grip with easy commands. It has amazing video quality up to 5.3k and super cool features for slow-motion, time-lapse and more.

GoPro Dome TELESIN and DOMEMARE (for mobile phones)

This 180 degree angle waterproof cover allows you to take those amazing half under and half over the water effect shots. It takes a bit of space in your bag but it’s worth it if you know how to use it. We have two domes for both our GoPro and our phone.

DOMEMARE for mobile phones:

TARION Camera Backpack

This backpack was a really good choice as it has a lot of compartments to store your camera, lenses, flashes and anything else you want to take with you. You can customise all the sections removing or adding the pads that divide them so you can decide where and how to store your things. All the pads are made of a protective fabric so your equipment is safely stored. You also have a side zip pocket to quickly take out your camera without having to take off your backpack every time. It also has an upper section without compartments where you can just pack some clothes, books or anything else you would put in your backpack and a pocket for your laptop or tablet.

Sandisk Extreme PRO 128GB

Lexar Professional 128GB/256GB

We use this SD cards for our camera and the micro version for the drone and the GoPro. It’s what you need if you want to shoot a lot of pictures without worrying about running out of space. They also have a fast writing speed that allows you to shoot in sequences without interruptions and to record long high quality videos.

SEAGATE Backup Plus Portable Hard drive 5TB

WD 5TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive

It is fundamental for us to have a huge storage, as we usually take up to 1000 pictures per day while travelling. These hard drives have a massive 5TB storage room and they even do the backup, so your data is really safe.

MacBook Air 2020

We are very happy with our new laptop as it’s very fast and quite powerful. We manage to work with any program without problems and, again very important for us, it is super slim and light. This new version also offers a quite long battery, bright screen, new keyboard and touch id.

iPAD Pro 11 inch 256GB

This versatile device is a great combo that we use both as tablet and as a second laptop thanks to an external keyboard. It is vey powerful and we use it also to edit videos. It is perfect if you draw professionally and a great tool to organise and plan you workflow with the many productivity apps and the easy use of the touch screen to navigate through everything. The Logitech Combo Touch is the perfect keyboard with mouse to get the best out of this iPad.


This gimbal allows us to get extra smooth videos with our phones. The stabilisation is amazing and the video results are flawless. The base also becomes a tripod and there are many smart functions in the dedicated app.

iPHONE 13Pro+iPHONE 11

Our phones are definitely the things we use the most and thanks to them we can always be active on our socials and upload great quality content in a matter of seconds. We still shoot with our phones, specially for insta stories, reels or tiktok videos, but also when we don’t have our camera with us and we don’t want to lose the moment.

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